Recycling For Ukraine

Beginning March 19,2022, the Rotary Club of Parksville began a 6-week campaign, donating its recycling proceeds to humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Our “ask” to each Parksville resident was to donate $1 or 10 bottles/cans which, based on our current population, would translate to a total of $12,514.

After 6 weeks of enthusiastic recycling, the Rotary Club of Parksville was delighted to report that its “Recycling For Ukraine” campaign collected $26,750 in recycling and cash donations, and with matching funds from Rotary International, our total came to $33,100, representing two and a half times our target.

The proceeds were split between Rotary International Disaster Relief Fund, St Mary The Protectress Ukrainian Orthodox Church in French Creek, and the Red Cross.

Our connection with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church  has remained strong, and subsequent donations have helped families in the congregation with food, home furnishings, bicycles, and fellowship.